Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vizio 40 inch Smart LED HDTV

Image credit: Best Buy
I love my new Vizio TV! The picture is crystal clear, I can watch Netflix, YouTube and it's HD. The price is very affordable. The set is lightweight and a good quality. The setup was very easy and the customer service is superb.

Tale of TV Woe

My TV technology was in a sorry state of affairs. I had bought one of the first HDTV's twelve years ago. It was a monstrous 400 pound gorilla that stopped working after 7 years and was too heavy to move to a repair shop. I was watching Netflix on my laptop because there can be 150 cable channels with nothing intelligent on. My back up TV was a 19-inch screen, over 25 years old, and buzzed with any crawls like on CNN. The backup to the backup was a 13 year old 10 inch TV with built in VCR.

When I could afford a new TV. I went to the Best Buy Web site and made a preliminary choice. I wanted to talk to a live person and make sure that I bought the most up to date TV in my price range. I'm glad that I did because I found out that the refresh rate on the one had chosen online was too slow. As I was talking to the sales person, I saw a TV on the wall whose picture quality stood out from all the other TV's on display. I know that it may have been the settings but the image was truly striking in comparison to the other TVs.

Good Points in Bullet Points
  • Picture clarity stood out from all others on the display wall at Best Buy.
  • Well priced compared to better known brands. 
  • Only weighs 17.2 pounds with the stand and I can move the TV very easily.
  • The initial setup was very easy. The built in Wi-Fi practically installed itself.
  • USA based customer service has been very helpful on several occasions (see below).
  • ENERGY STAR Certified.
  • Has many of the same features as more expensive models and costs less.
Terrific Customer Service

I did have a little bit of trouble getting the cable connection to work. The TV was saying "No signal." I knew that it was probably just a setting. I checked the cable connections, turned both the TV and cable box off and on. I gave in and finally called Tech Support. I was totally surprised that my call was answered almost immediately. The USA based customer service representative was very patient and we fixed the settings in less than five minutes. 

Some of the specs

The Vizio 40 inch Smart LED HDTV only weighs 17.2 pounds with the stand so I can move the TV very easily. Customer Service is based in the USA. Vizio is headquartered in California and the set was manufactured in Asia, like most electronics. The last list price I saw on Best Buy was $369.99, For you technical types, it has a 40” diagonal screen, LED displays, 1080p resolution with 120HZ refresh rate, 3 HDMI inputs and 1 USB input. The only downside is the remote control seems a bit flimsy but it can be easily replaced.

Similar Vizio LED HDTV's come in sizes ranging from 23" priced at about $168 to a monster 80" at about $3200. In the October 2014 issue of "Good Housekeeping," the 60" priced at about priced at about $800 was listed as a "Great Value." 

I am very pleased with this TV. The price is very affordable. The set is lightweight and a good quality. The setup was very easy and the customer service is superb. I had to get moving company to take the 400 lb Panasonic to the recycling center. Good riddance!

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